Donald Trump is officially the next president of the United States, so it’s time we learn a bit about him. While the country has mixed feelings on the new president-elect, we’ve found a few facts about Donald that most people don’t know.

20. Donald Doesn’t Drink Alcohol

Donald Trump’s older brother, Fred, was an alcoholic. Trump stays away from the booze after watching his brother struggle with the addiction until it claimed his life.

19. He Blow Dries His Hair To Achieve His Signature Look

Every morning, Trump blow dries his hair forward, then combs it back in order to achieve the look he’s so well-known for.

18. He Once Appeared In A WWE Match

Trump is no stranger to the ring, having appeared during WWE’s “Battle of the Billionaires.” He had also made a bet with Vince McMahon in 2007 to shave his head if his chosen wrestler lost during Wrestlemania. Luckily for Trump, McMahon lost the bet and had to shave his head on live television.

17. He Received A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame In 2007

Trump’s star was the 2,327th one added to the Walk of Fame, and was recently vandalized during his presidential campaign.

16. He Once Had A Board Game Named After Him

Trump: The Game was launched back in 1989, but was discontinued following low sales. It was supposed to be similar to Monopoly, but it never gained traction with his audiences.

15. Trump Also Released His Own Brand Of Vodka, Which Failed

Back in 2006, Trump released Trump Vodka, which he described as a “superb product.” However, it seems he was the only one who thought so as low sales forced him to abandon the idea in 2011.

14. His Parents Sent Him To Military School For Discipline

Trump’s parents sent him to the New York Military Academy at age 13 because they thought he was too aggressive and boisterous. (Trump pictured center front)

13. He’s A Germaphobe Who Doesn’t Like Shaking Hands

When he does shake hands, he tends to pull the other person close as pictured above.

12. He Bought The New Jersey Generals Football Team In 1983

Trump attempted to merge the United States Football League team with the National Football League, but was unsuccessful. The USFL went on to shutdown in 1986.

11. Donald Outsources To The Cheapest Bidder When It Comes To His Brand

Despite talking down on other countries, Trump outsources to China, Bangladesh, and even Mexico when it comes to his clothing brand. His wife, Melania, also depends on labor from China for her jewelry and shoe lines.

10. Trump Was Once Accused Of Violently Attacking And Raping An Ex-Wife

Trump’s first wife, Ivana, once said he “forced himself” upon her after a violent altercation. Trump was allegedly upset with Ivana following a botched bald spot removal procedure at a surgeon she recommended.

9. He Sold His Yacht In 1991 To Pay Off Bankruptcy Debt

Donald may talk a big game, but he has seen his fair share of money problems. He sold his beloved yacht in 1991 to help cover debts.

8. He Reportedly Charges $25 For A Bottle Of Mineral Water At His Trump International Hotel & Tower In Chicago

According to sources, Trump charges a pretty penny for basic things such as water at his properties.

7. Trump Has Had Four Casinos File For Bankruptcy

Trump may seem to live a lavish, well-funded lifestyle, but his businesses have seen some dark times.

6. He Owns Numerous Golf Courses Around The World

Trump owns 17 luxury golf courses to be exact.

5. Trump Owned Thousands Of Apartments By The Time He Was 27

Trump was well on his way to becoming a real estate mogul by the time he was in his 20s. Of course, there was a “small” loan from his parents to help him get started.

4. He Made Over $300,000 Per Episode Of ‘The Apprentice’

Donald saw a lot of success with his celebrity Apprentice show, which earned him a reported $375,000 per episode.

3. His Net Worth Is Estimated At $4.5 Billion

According to Forbes, Trump is worth billions.

2. He Took Control Of Renovations To The Famous Skating Rink In Central Park

Trump could see the famous Wollman rink from his windows and decided to take over the stalled renovations. He finished the project two months early and under budget.

1. He Donated More To Democrats Than Republicans During 1989 To 2010

In fact, his 2006 donations are thought to have tipped the scale in Obama’s favor.

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