TECHDECEMBER 1, 2016The 45 BEST Secrets Star Wars Directors Hid From Fans ( You Won’t Believe How #1 Was Discovered )

Star Wars has sparked the curiosity of millions of people worldwide; with a legacy that spans through several decades and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. How much do you love Star Wars? Have you seen every movie? Followed the saga through the decades, since you were a kid?

Well, here we have compiled a list of the BEST 45 Secrets that Star Wars attempted to keep either as an inside joke between cast members; a secret running gag or just plain NEVER wanted anyone to find out.

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45. The Original Darth Vader…

To date, Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker has been played by a total of six different actors. James Earl Jones is known as the voice, and David Prowse wore the costume in much of the original trilogy, yet Bob Anderson, Sebastian, Hayden Christensen and Jake Lloyd also played the character.

So asking “Who played Darth Vader?” is a slippery question – but do you know which ‘One Liner” has been slipped into EVERY Star Wars movie?

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44. The Infamous One Liner…

The line “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” is spoken, at some point, in every single movie. It has been said seven times, by six different characters, spanning the entire series. It was even included as one of Han Solo’s lines in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”!

As impressive as the longevity of that lovable and clever line is – can you name the only 2 characters who have appeared in EVERY Star Wars movie?

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43. Two Long Lasting Characters…

R2D2 and C3P0 are the only characters to appear in every single movie to date! That’s quite a lot of appearances – but can you name which scene from what movie that one of the directors secretly hid a POTATO; just to see if he could get away with it?

Click “Next” to refresh your memory!42. The Secret Star Wars Potato

You know the famous asteroid scene from Empire Strikes Back? Pay close attention. One of the asteroids is a potato. As ridiculous as that LOOKS – the original last name for Luke ( Hint – It wasn’t “Skywalker” ) SOUNDED even crazier!

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41. The “Starkiller” Close Call…

Among many treasured secrets of Star Wars is the fact that George Lucas originally called his title character “Luke Starkiller”, but thought the name to be too violent – so he changed it to “Skywalker” at the last moment! The rest is history as everyone knows that “Skywalker” is now a household name.

This is in contrast to the Stormtroopers – who are well known for their anonymity. However, in the original three Star Wars movies this is not entirely true. Just ONE Stormtrooper was refered to (only once) by name.

Can you name that Stormtrooper?

40. The Stormtrooper With A Name…

In the original Star Wars trilogy, the only stormtrooper referred to by rank/name is TK421 (one of the stormtroopers Luke, Han and Chewie took out on the first Death Star). What is in a name, anyways?

In fact, the ORIGNAL Star Wars movie ( after being met with much success ) was re-released with a  NEW title – can you name that title?

39. This Was The Original…

The very first Star Wars movie was not named “Episode IV: A New Hope” until its re-release (and Empire Strikes Back was in the works).

However, names aren’t the only thing that can change for the better at the last minute. Can you name the famous actress who was originally cast to play Princess Leia, only to back out at the last minute?

38. Almost Doesn’t Count…

Sissy Spacek was almost Princess Leia, only she decided to play the title role in “Carrie” instead. Talk about a risky career move! Luckily for her, “Carrie” was a huge success too.

What wasn’t as successful however, was George Lucas’ first book he ever wrote ( years before Star Wars ); all about Luke, Leia and Darth Vader. The book largely remained unknown and secret. Can you name it’s title?

37. Splinter Of The Minds Eye…

Before Empire Strikes Back received the greenlight, George Lucas had a book written called “Splinter of the Mind’s Eye,” that he planned on turning into a made-for-TV production featuring Luke, Leia and Darth Vader. The book is still available for anyone curious as to what almost was.

Speaking of what “almost was”; in the original Trilogy Harrison Ford had ONE request for directors and was denied. Decades later, they finally agreed to grant his one request in exchange for him being in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”.

Do you know what his one request was?

36. Decades Old Request Finally Granted…



Harrison Ford wanted Han Solo to die off at the end of Empire Strikes Back. He thought it would be more powerful and give his character meaning. While he didn’t meet his end in the original trilogy, it is believed the only reason Mr. Ford came back for Episode VII: The Force Awakens is because the writers agreed to kill him off this time.

That’s not the only time the writers have had to mix things up for the good of the series – The infamous “I am your Father” line from Darth Vader  was kept secret because writers originally wrote, printed in the script and even read during filming a “decoy” line.

Do you know what that line was?

35. “Obi-Wan Killed Your Father”…

During filming of Empire Strikes Back, in the scene where Darth Vader admits he was Luke’s father, he read the line “Obi-Wan killed your father” in order to prevent story leaks.

One character in Star Wars who never has many lines is R2D2. Most people assume R2D2’s name is random – but it isn’t.

Do you know the story behind WHY they call him R2D2?

34. The Origins Of R2D2 …

The feisty droid R2-D2’s name comes from an abbreviation for reel 2, dialog 2 (AKA an audio recording for the film set).

33. A Smart Decision…

Fox did not want to pay George Lucas much money for the first Star Wars. So, instead, George Lucas asked for merchandising rights instead, which Fox gave. He made billions off of the merchandise in the decades to follow.

32. A Jedi Seeks Not These Things…

George Lucas originally titled Return of the Jedi “Revenge of the Jedi.” He changed the title because he didn’t believe a Jedi would seek revenge. However, he used the title for Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

31. The Legend Of Darth Orson…

George Lucas originally wanted Orson Wells to give the voice of Darth Vader.

30. A Computer Generated Secret…

Every single clone trooper in the Star Wars prequel trilogy is computer generated.

29. A Creative Touch Erased…

If you remember watching the original Empire Strikes Back cut, the emperor was not played by Ian McDiarmid. Instead, it was actually the face of an old woman with a monkey’s head superimposed over it.

28. A Familiar Face…

The actor who played Wedge in the original Star Wars film is the uncle of Ewan McGregor, who played Obi-Wan in the prequels.

27.  A Secret Star Wars Cameo…

During a scene in Attack of the Clones when Obi-Wan and Anakin enter a bar on Coruscant, the actors who played C-3P0 and Jar-Jar Binks can be scene, without their famous costumes on.

26. The Likeness is Uncanny…

In Revenge of the Sith, when Anakin is meeting Chancellor Palpetine at the opera, George Lucas can be seen outside the doorway with blue makeup on.

25. A Welcome Change Of Pace…

Almost all movies in the 70s and 80s had extended credits in the front. George Lucas did away with this as he found it distracting to start a movie. However, the Directors Guild of America fined Lucas a quarter of a million dollars for it when Empire Strikes Back came out. Due to this fine, George Lucas dropped out of the Directors Guild.

24. A Secret Missed Star Wars Opportunity…

George Lucas originally wanted Steven Spielberg to direct Return of the Jedi, but because he had pulled out of the Directors Guild he was not able to hire the legendary director (and close friend).

23. Improvisation is Key…

The communicator Qui-Gon Jinn uses in The Phantom Menace is actually the handle of a Sensor Excel Razor designed for women (you can really notice the wide, flat handle).

22. A Parallel To Reality…

In Revenge of the Sith, Emperor Palpatine gives Order 66, which instructs the clone army to kill all Jedi. George Lucas based this on Executive Order 1066 given by President Roosevelt during WWII, which required the interning of Japanese citizens into camps until the end of the war.

21.  Everyone’s Favorite Jedi…

Of all the deaths in the extended Star Wars films, only Yoda dies of natural causes.

20. Secret Star Wars Cameo of Powerful Women…

In Episode I, Queen Amidala has several handmaidens. These individuals are played by several powerful women in Hollywood. Sofia Coppola (daughter of Francis Ford Coppola and director of Lost in Translation) is one. Keira Knightley from Pirates of the Caribbean played another.

19. An Extra Terrestrial Crossover Cameo…

After Queen Amidala addresses the senate, a pod of E.T. senators can be seen on screen.

18. Secret Millennium Falcon Cameo…

The Millennium Falcon can be seen landing on a space pad during a flyover shot in Episode III.

17. Hard Work Pays Off…

Every major studio passed on Star Wars. Alan Ladd, Jr. at Twentieth Century Fox decided to take it because he liked George Lucas’ previous movie, “American Graffiti.”

16. A Recognizable Cough…

George Lucas himself voiced General Grievous’ cough.

15. A Cough With A History…

While unexplained in the movie, General Grievous’ cough is detailed in The Clone Wars animations that came out before Revenge of the Sith (not to be confused with The Clone Wars animated series, which is a 3D computer animated show from Cartoon Network).

14. Another Secret Star Wars Cameo…

When Darth Vader calls together a group of bounty hunters in The Empire Strikes Back, the droid may look familiar. That is because the droid head was used as a bar container in the Mos Eisley Cantina in A New Hope.

13. An Interesting Source of Inspiration…

George Lucas based Chewbacca on one of his dogs. He based another character on a second dog. That second dog’s name was Indiana (Jones).

12. The Original Concept…

In an early draft of “The Star Wars,” Han Solo was a green alien. This can be perceived in The Star Wars comic series adaptation of George Lucas’ first movie draft.

11. An Alternate Story Line…

The duel between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker in Return of the Jedi was suppose to take place in a volcano, but George Lucas didn’t have the funding for this kind of a scene. He reused the idea for the final duel in Revenge of the Sith.

10. An Eerie Connection…

James Early Jones, the voice of Darth Vader, and David Prowse, the actor behind the mask, have never met.

9. A Shocking Surprise…

This might be because David Prowse did not know George Lucas was going to replace his voice, so he was surprised/shocked when he went to see A New Hope for the first time.

8. Tatooine Left Out…

The Empire Strikes Back is the only Star Wars movie to not show the planet Tatooine (although they do reference the planet as Boba Fett is destined to drop off the carbon freeze body of Han Solo to Jaba the Hutt).

7. Another Star Wars Secret…

George Lucas’ student film at USC was titled “THX 1138.” He later convert the short film into a long movie staring Robert Duvall. THX 1138 is reference several times throughout the Star Wars movies.

6.  Contributions To Greatness…

George Lucas did not create the city-planet Coruscant. Author Timothy Zahn, who wrote the Star Wars book Heir to the Empire, created the planet. George liked the planet name and idea so he later incorporated shots of the planet in the 1997 Star Wars Special Edition.

5. That’s One Hilarious Blooper…

In one of the most famous bloopers of all time, a stormtrooper hits his head on a door in A New Hope when a squad enters a control room with R2-D2 and C-3P0 on the Death Star.

4. Sound Effects In Space…

Showing his sense of humor, George Lucas later added a sound effect to go with the door clang and one of the stormtroopers says “see to him.”

3. A Star Wars Running Gag…

To continue the head bang reference, Jango Fett, the model for all clone troopers, hits his head walking up to his ship following a fight with Obi-Wan in Attack of the Clones.

2. A Sobering And Sad Fact…

While not depicted in Return of the Jedi, due to Endor’s gravitational pull, all of the Death Star’s debris would have been pulled down to the moon’s surface, likely killing off every ewok (and everything else) on the planet.

1. The Original Millennium Falcon…

The Blockade Runner space ship that was captured by the star destroyer in the beginning A New Hope was the original design for the Millennium Falcon.

A Secret Star Wars Relationship…

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TECHDECEMBER 1, 2016The 45 BEST Secrets Star Wars Directors Hid From Fans ( You Won’t Believe How #1 Was Discovered )

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